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Sneakaboo Has Hand-Painted Shoes With Maths, Superheroes & Pop Culture


    Sneakaboo takes canvas shoes and lets their army of artists paint them in crazy designs. Their idea is to let people experience art in things that surround their everyday and what better way than to give them donuts or Calvin & Hobbes on shoes?!

    Head Over, Heels

    Balancing your eccentricities can be a bummer in heels. So these sneakers are for everyone whose idea of dressing up is a mismatched tunic or a granny sweater {with funky shoes to go with, duh}.

    We’re looking at all the cool cats who want to take over the world and don’t mind shouting out their love for superheros, comic book characters or maths {Yes, they have Pythagoras shoes}.

    Step Up Your Game

    Like stunning landscapes with cherry blossoms or a surreal galaxy at your feet? Or trippy Aztec lace-ups to brighten up groggy mornings? You’ll find a lot of them prints on their Facebook page. The world at Sneakaboo is brimming with leopard prints, coffee, dreamcatchers, mooch, Pac-man, flowers or even traditional art. 

    You and your bae can also go matchy-matchy with customised shoes that appeal to your geeky, quirky or maybe weirdly romantic side. #RelationshipGoals?