Holy Cow! Switch To Plant Based Milk Alternatives With This Brand

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So Good

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you lactose intolerant? Or do you simply wish to explore the non-dairy alternatives? Either way, this brand is everything you should be looking for. Based out of Mumbai, Life Health Foods, India is one of the prominent beverage brands (So Good) in the country with its suppliers spread across many cities. 

Plant-based dairy alternatives are taking the market by storm and the consumers (ourselves included) are jumping straight into this trend. So Good, India broadly manufactures Almond, Soy and Protein + Soy Milk. There's a reason why we're rooting for almond milk - it is naturally cholesterol-free since they're plant-based and is loaded with calcium, vitamins and other nutrients. We're ditching those highly sweetened carts of chocolate milk for So Good Almond Fresh Chocolate milk. The So Good Almond Fresh milk come in three other variants - Mango, Vanilla and Natural Unsweetened. These are made with high-quality almonds sourced from Australia. Another lactose-free variant - Soy Milk comes in the flavours of Tender Coconut, Elaichi,  Chocolate, and Original. We know what we're adding to our bowl of cereals now. Lastly, their Protein + Soy Milk is gluten-free and full of essential vitamins. These come in three flavours, Deluxe Chocolate, Cafe Latte and an Original. All their products come in a tetra pack of 1L except for the flavoured Soy Milk which is also available in a pack of 200ml. Time to make that switch?

They have multiple stockists in almost all major cities and you can search for the one closest to you on their website. Alternatively, these can also be purchased online via Amazon or Bigbasket.

Price: INR 275 onwards (approximately)

What Could Be Better

Currently, orders can't be placed online directly on their website 


They have some really great recipes for Vegan Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Almond Dessert Sauce and more which use these non-dairy beverages as one of the ingredients.