One part of being an adult means buying your own bed. You know, answering difficult questions like “do you want it with storage? What size? Or what frame?”. The other part is having to shell out a sum we’re not really used to seeing in person every day.

So when we volunteered to make a trip to the Panchkuian Road furniture market, we weren’t particularly dying with excitement, but the cynicism was lost as soon as we set foot into this space.

There were aisles after aisles lined with home decor knick knacks and wooden finds of all shapes and sizes. Cane couches, jute swings, carved garden sets, vintage rocking chairs, colourful side tables, lamps, old school dividers and more made the trip super fun.

Bonus: The cost left us stunned. When was the last time a beautiful, hand-painted wooden table didn’t cost a wad of money?

Don’t believe us? Stick around as we give you a virtual tour.

Hue You Talking To?


We found: Rajasthani hand painted side tables, stools, tall cabinets and other artifacts in teal, reds and greens with trippy patterns.

At: Jagdish Grover Furnishers {Shop no. 120, 149 & 165}

Price: Small tables starting at INR 3,000

Tea Party In The Garden


We found: A set of two garden chairs and a table with carved designs.

At: Satnam Furniture House {Shop no. 51 and 75}

Price: Set of three pieces at INR 5,000

The Kind Of Divide We Love


We found: Wooden, engraved dividers that remind us of big ancestral homes. Also, tall side cabinets in different wood finishes.

At: Alliance Decorators {91, Panchkuian Furniture Market}

Price: Partitions for INR 4,000 and corner tables for INR 3,000

Grass Is Greener On This Side


We found: Garden ornaments that seemed perfect to stuff our fairy lights and for a mini-installation art piece in our piddly little balcony.

At: Manya Handicrafts {Shop no. 96}

Price: Starts at INR 125

Cane You Feel It?


We found: These cane and plastic swings are what dreams of beautiful studio apartments are made of.

At: Jagdamba Cane Centre {Shop no. 135}

Price: Cane swing at INR 8,500 

Have A Rocking Retirement 


We found: These vintage-looking, teak wood rocking chairs are for lazy sundays with hot chocolate and a book. 

At: Omega Furniture House {Shop no. 188}

Price: INR 6,000 each 

The Fall Collection 


We found: These clusters of fake onion, garlic, peppers and pears might add some zing to that boring kitchen corner. 

At: Manya Handicrafts {Shop no. 96}

Price: INR 125 each 

Couch Potato Alert 


We found: This one’s for all the movie nights and work from homes you have planned for the year. 

At: National Furniture House {Shop no. 26 and 66}

Price: INR 5,000

Photos: Rene Verma and Ipsita Nayak/LBB