SocialCops: Dishing out Startling Facts That Aim to Inspire

Navni posted on 16 January


Pollution facts, population stats and the average cost of a meeting of the National Commission for Clean Ganga. The SocialCops are here to hit you with {very accurate} numbers. They aim to inspire and make the world a better place.

Info for all

Founders Prukalpa and Varun realised how “big data” was exploding in the e-commerce and finance sectors- but was rarely used to solve problems that really mattered- health, education and infrastructure.

SocialCops collects data using mobile devices, aggregates secondary data and finally analyses and visualises this data. They get data from secondary sources in the form of PDF files, excel sheets and obscure govt. websites. Expect info on demographics, education, healthcare, geo locations et al.

Their basic aim is to drive decision makers to their platform: Be it businesspersons, government officials or individuals who want to find the best school for their children in a specific area.

Did you know 2014 saw 16 road deaths every hour?

SocialCops sends out a newsletter called Real Numbers, aimed at creating public awareness through interesting facts regarding the current state of our city and country. So whether you’re looking for specific information, or just want to educate yourself on the current state of affairs, signing up {click here} may not be a bad idea.

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