By Editors

Seems like HKV is losing monopoly on the coolest places in town. Social, perhaps one of their most popular spaces, is now open in Defence Colony.

What can you expect?

This Social, much like its HKV sister, has stayed true to its rustic, almost industrial charm. The anti-design theme {deliberate of course} runs through two new floors, complete with exposed brickwork walls, spring bar chairs, hanging staircases, all furbished with 100%recycles and up-cycled furniture. For when you’re looking for it in the market, you won’t be able to miss the ‘Defence Colony’ marquee.

As for you out-of-Social workers?

So membership to one, will entitle you access to all its outlets {but you already knew this if you are a member}. Much like its first edition, the focus will be on a shared work space, and encouraging young, creative minds and entrepreneurs.

Where: 28 A Defence Colony market