We Didn't Need Any More Reasons To Visit, But SBOW Just Got A New Menu!

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What Makes It Awesome

SodaBottleOpenerWala is a place that has a weird magic of some sort, that while you’re there, it’s like you’re disconnected from the world outside and you've stepped into a simpler time. The place reminds you of old school restaurants, that were of utmost simplicity when it came to their decor, music, ambience, and tableware; but had us sold on the food they put on the plates. Needless to say, it’s always a good time, and a hearty meal when you’re there.

When we heard that they've added new dishes to their menu, (they’re calling it Bhonew- and we’re suckers for good puns!) we went at the first instant to give it a try. To our delight, the menu had so many new entrants that we were puzzled about what all to try (the only kind of confusion we like!). The menu is a pleasant surprise for vegetarians, as it has a lot of new dishes to choose from.

For starters, on the chef’s recommendation, we tried their chicken cutlets, Meatless Baida Roti, and Chilli Cheese Pav. The portion sizes were generous as always and had us feeling quite full to be honest. The starters were only mildly spicy, but flavourful, nonetheless. The Chilli Cheese Pav, however, is not for people who can’t handle the spice. To be fair, we have a low tolerance for it, but it left us with watery eyes and warm ears.

We also tried their shikanji, and Mrs. Sodabottleopenerwala’s Special Cold Coffee, both of which, we cannot recommend enough. The shikanji was fresh, citrusy, with chunks of fruits and berries in it, and the cold coffee was thick and creamy, and the right balance between strong and sweet.

We were already quite full, but a visit to SBOW is incomplete without their Cheesy Pav Bhaji and Berry Pulao, so we had to, of course! For dessert, we tried their Laganu Custard and Matunga Coffee Cake, on the chef’s insistence. Safe to say, we were glad we did. Their Laganu Custard is a classic Caramel Custard but it gets the name from the fact that it’s a Parsi wedding staple, hence “Laganu”. The coffee cake was so, SO good. It was mildly bitter, very dense, and came with mascarpone cream and whiskey caramel sauce. Please do yourself a favour and try it when you’re there. We know we’re going back for it, and will probably give their Rum Chocolate Fondant a go as well!

What Could Be Better

Honestly, SBOW isn’t one of those places where you pick out things and wish they were better. The place is just too wholesome!

Pro Tip

If you choose to drop by in the morning hours, give their Big Bawa Breakfast a shot. Or, you could also stop by for a quickie with their Irani Chai and Bun Maska/Vada Pav combos that are super affordable, too.

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