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Secret Music Gigs Are Here To Stay, Thanks To Sofar Sounds

Aniruddh posted on 10th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

Sofar Sounds is bringing back the the idea of enjoying music gigs just the way they’re meant to be. It also means more music gigs for everyone in Delhi!

Redefining The Music Experience

Sofar started out about eight years ago in London when people wanted to enjoy music without the distractions that come along with a regular music experience. The idea is to have a social music experience, with the primary focus being music and not the chitter chatter all around.

The concept has done well all over the world, and has spread to over 300 cities today. It introduced the Delhi chapter a few years ago in October and has been doing really well.

Secret Locations And Good Music

These guys don’t organise the events at regular bars or pubs, but at secret locations within Delhi which will be told to you individually once you register for an event. They normally organise it once a month at an underground location. It could be someone’s rooftop, a private garden, or even a living room.

The artists are specially curated for the event but kept secret, just like the location. You will have to request for an invitation by registering for their event to know details. But it’s definitely worth it.

Who doesn’t want to be part of a secret social circle that enjoys good music, right?

So We're Saying

If small gigs are your thing, then these guys are making it happen for you in this city. It’s a global movement towards more music and we’re already loving it.

Sofar Sounds

Community Groups