Go Sustainable In The Kitchen With This Brand's Eco-Friendly Baking Paper

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Solo TopCare

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What Makes It Awesome

If you regularly put on the chef hat at home, you know there's SO much waste going on. Whenever I bake, I go through a ton of baking paper and wrapping up leftovers in foil is basically a daily thing. But I recently found out aluminium foil is actually pretty harmful and don't even get me started on cling wrap that's such a pain to use so I went looking for a sustainable alternative online and discovered Solo TopCare's eco-friendly baking paper and wrapping paper.

The food wrapping paper is made with 100% wood pulp and it's recyclable. I like that you can literally stick it in the fridge, microwave and oven without needing to peel it off every time. The baking paper is pretty multi-functional and I used it to bake a tea cake but next time I'll use it in a frying pan for a savoury dish. It's also reusable so I used the same baking paper to make 3 batches of cookies without needing to grease with a ton of butter.

Price: INR 199 for a roll, INR 150 for a sheet 

What Could Be Better

I'd love to see an entire range of eco-friendly kitchen products to stock up on. 


The baking and wrapping papers come in entire rolls and pre-cut sheets so if you don't cook too much, the sheets would be a much more convenient option for you.