Ten-Second Takeaway

Looking for fresh fish of all kinds, some prawns, maybe a few crabs, or a duck or two? INA market is where you’ll find it all.

Feeling Crabby?

221116_ina2Once you enter INA {take a cab; parking here’s a pain} just head straight down through the little gallis, and you’ll probably smell the fish and poultry section before you see it. There’s whole cluster of shops that sell all rows upon rows of all kinds of fish, crab, prawns, shrimp, duck and more.

Our picks are Silver Sea Store and Bombay Fish Shop. Choose from basic basa fillets, sea bass, salmon, lobster, crabs, different types and sizes of prawns, tuna and Bombay duckā€”and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, We’re Saying

If you’re looking for fresh fish at prices that aren’t too steep, head here. Also, the shops around these sell chicken, pork, mutton and vegetables, so you may as well shop for the week ahead.

If nothing else, head to Kerala Hotel for your fill of seafood.

Photos: Urvee Modwel/LBB