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    Spaveda's Skincare Products Will Do Good Things For Your Oily Skin

    Maanya posted on 10 February


    On the prowl for all things organic and wonderful at the Dastkar mela, I stumbled upon super underrated skin care brand, Spaveda, that promised to transform oily, acne-prone skin.

    Triple Threat To Oily Skin

    The founder of Spaveda, Raman, made sure to assess my skin situation before making product recommendations. She told me that, when used together, their soap-free cleanser, aloe vera moisturising gel and jojoba oil would completely fix my pimple problems. Hey, I’ve tried lots of things in pursuit of fresh, dewy, glowing skin, so why not three more?

    This trifecta of products retails for INR 1,240 – a good deal, I think!

    Clean And Clear

    A few days into using the products, I found that breakouts had reduced, my skin felt nourished and hydrated, and dare I say it – there was even a bit of a glow. The soap-free cleanser opened up my pores, reduced the appearance of blackheads and left my skin feeling smooth and supple.

    I confess I forget the order in which the jojoba oil and the aloe moisturiser are to be used {my mind had drifted to thoughts of food by then} but I use them both once a day. I give my face a quick pick-me-up in the morning with the aloe vera gel – it quietly combats any signs of puffiness or the copious amounts of wine from last night.

    The jojoba oil, which might seem counter-intuitive, is actually completely non-greasy when you massage it into your skin. I apply a few drops before bed and that is the full extent of my night-time routine.

    Get Yourself Some Goodies

    And pamper yourself! Spaveda is based out of Vasant Kunj and you can place an order for their products by calling Raman up or sending a quick WhatsApp. She’s happy to deliver – alternatively you can drop by her stall at Dastkar from Feb 16.

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