This Chill Terrace Cafe In Chanakyapuri Is Where You Need To Be On Winter Afternoons

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What Makes It Awesome

Caara, the bespoke catering company, now runs a lovely cafe at Malcha Marg in Chanakyapuri {in collaboration with Ogaan}. Simple and minimal, the cafe has a few tables inside and a lovely terrace area with overlooking bougainvillaea. Full points for aesthetics - in contrast to the blooms, the cushions match the crockery and both are in variants of indigo.

I chose a sunny corner table to sip on the flat white and get some work done. It came with a tasting portion of moist orange cake. The little touches are everything! Speaking of which, they let you add marshmallows to your hot chocolate {'tis the season}.

For lunch, I ordered the linguini with the famous Caara pesto. Dressed with crisp shallots and a generous grating of parmesan, it was wholesome and delish. The meal ended with a divine slice of a carrot cake.

Caara has definitely got the food right. But more importantly, the service is excellent - not only was I given a bigger table to have a comfortable workspace, I was also never interrupted. Plus, the cafe opens at 8.30am and the breakfast menu sounds like an absolute winner. Caara classic broken eggs, I'm coming back for you!

What's My Pro Tip?

Ogaan is hidden in plain sight - it's right around the corner from Side Wok, so park in the space behind it.