If You Love IKEA's Furniture, This Homegrown Brand Will Give You Wood


Think clean lines, functionality and form and you’ll probably envision a furniture store like IKEA or brands like Umbra and Faktura. What if we told you there’s a homegrown brand that has all the Nordic sensibilities we love for our chairs and tables? Meet SPIN!

For The Young & Restless

That’s the definition for the design team at SPIN, so all the pieces are modern and edgy. With a parent company that has been the country’s leading retail solutions provider, it was natural progression for Shark Design Studio  to introduce SPIN furniture. a natural step in evolution given Shark’s prowess in working with metal and wood.

From Desk To Floor

Whether you’re looking to revamp your desktop with sleek, wooden desk accessories or your entire desk itself, SPIN has it all. We loved the pen holders and the paper trays as much as we loved the tables.

White wood with bold colours to make something as mundane as a side table look like art. Match your seating with the tables and choose from colours like teal, red and mustard.  Take this vibe to the bedroom with low lying beds and don’t miss the four poster that’s as modern as it gets.

For storage solutions, Spin has wall mounted shelving, cabinets, shoe racks and sideboards. if you’re revamping the house, then may as well redo the kid’s rooms too – choose from single beds to smooth, rounded edge seating and tables that are super safe and child=friendly.

So, We’re Saying...

Spiff up your home and work spaces without importing European-style furniture and watch this space for more info on Spin’s own retail space.