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8 Spots to Get Your Taco Fix in Delhi

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There’s nothing better than a well-prepared taco with all its trimmings. Here’s where you can get some that are absolutely on fleek.

El Mazateño at La Bodega

One of the few spots that has flexed its culinary muscle when it comes to fairly purist Mexican cuisine, go to La Bodega for their El Mazateño tacos- a small plate of tacos stuffed with battered shrimp with pico de gallo, with almond sauce and chile de arbol sauce {spicy salsa}.

Price: INR 395

Coast Original Baja California Beer-Batter Fried Fish/Veggie Tacos at Coast Cafe

While we usually head to Coast Cafe for their delicious Keralite fare, the Coast Original Baja California Tacos are just as top-notch. Go with the Original Beer-Batter Fried Fish option, or opt for the Beer-Batter Fried Veggies – both are classic.

Not a fan of the fried stuff? They have a grilled fish variant too.

Price: INR 260 {vegetarian}; INR 320 {non-vegetarian}

Fish Tacos, Social

Social does many things well and these tacos definitely fit that bill. Fish fingers on top of Baja Sauce hit the right spot every time, especially when we have a drink in hand. Plus? They make their soft shell tacos in-house.

Price: INR 320 {+taxes}

Make Your Own Taco at Mexitup

When you can’t decide what to order, or just want a sensory overload, why not just make your own tacos? Mexitup offers up a whole range of customisations; just pick and get ready to eat. If it’s disappointing, you only have yourself to blame.

We’re going with soft shell tacos with Chicken Chilli Carne, guacamole and sour cream and salsa. Yum.

Price: Starting at INR 280 {depending on your toppings}

Chicken Club Tacos at Chilis

If we’re being completely honest, give us any of the {soft shell} tacos at Chili’s and we’ll be happy campers. We’re picking the Chicken Club tacos for their signature Fajita grilled chicken breast and smoked bacon combo. Their Veggie Tacos are unbeatable too, smattered with mushrooms and vegetables {or paneer, if you please} and a dollop of guacamole. Need extra crunch? Go with the hard shell taco.

Where: Find the nearest one to you here.

Price: INR 300 {vegetarian}; INR 350 {chicken}

Chicken/Paneer Khurchan Tacos at Mister Chai

A spot you might not consider ordinarily, we’re telling you their Chicken and Paneer Khurchan tacos are excellent, albeit a touch heavier on Indian flavours. Worth a try for when you’re looking to marry best of both worlds- there’s guacamole, tomato chutney and garlic yogurt to contend with.

Price: INR 499 {paneer}; INR 599 {chicken}

Crunchy Taco Bean/Potato/Chicken at Taco Bell

Make this your go-to for when you’re craving tacos and you want them on a budget {and fast}. With an adequate amount of stuffing {whether chicken or potato/bean with lettuce and cheese}, these go down with plenty of flavour and not too many complaints. We like them crunchy, but it’s up to you.

Price: INR 39 {vegetarian}; INR 49 {chicken}

Braised Lamb Boti Tacos at Farzi

Everything at Farzi comes to your table with an air of mystery, but this has fast become one of our favourites. Tacos that fit in your hand perfectly, they stuffing in them is flavourful but not overwhelming, with just the right amount of spice.