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Spritz Is The New Rosé And Here's Where I Recommend You Go!

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What Makes It Awesome?

I like to drink. I don't like to drink a lot. But give me a glass of wine, or a gin cocktail, and you've got a happy camper. These days, I've replaced the glass of wine with a spritz {usually sparkling wine/prosecco with Aperol and an orange wedge} - which has officially become the drink for Summer, based purely on what I see on Instagram.

My favourite place to get a spritz? Perch in Vasant Vihar. For one, it's usually less crowded. They also have free WiFi, which means you can drink and work/read {whopeeeeee!} And what's even better is heading here on a Saturday/Sunday, and working with a glass of spritz and digging into one of their sandwiches that come with a side of cassava chips and salad.

The music is mellow, the staff doesn't ask you if you want something repeatedly and in case the music and drinks and the light of your laptop are sending you into a light sleep, there's always a kaffa cerrado Vietnamese coffee that can kick you awake.

What's My Pro Tip?

Yes! Try any of their gin cocktails {especially the lavender fizz or a Robbie Collins if it's available}. If you want a night out of Aperol spritz, book out Hoots, the secret/hidden private space on the 2nd level of Perch.

Anything Else?

Two other GREAT places for a Spritz - PCO/PDA and Q'la. These places are pretty formal; definitely can't head there with a laptop. But their renditions of a spritz are equally fantastic.