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Start Your Day With Kaffa Cerrado's Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome?

We had this masterclass session with Mr Krittivas, one of the co-founders of Kaffa Cerrado.
Kaffa is a place in Ethiopia and its Meaning is "A drink from berries". Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Cerrado is in Brazil. Together from the coffee origin to its exploration journey coined the name Kaffa Cerrado.
We tried four different coffee out which two were black coffee and two were with milk.
The first one was Espresso, it was bitter for me because it is not diluted and the ratio of coffee is more and a person like me who doesn't drink coffee without milk may not like it also. But this espresso was different and you could taste the coffee and get the distinct fragrance of it.
The second coffee we tried was Ethiopian coffee which was also without milk but it was a cold brew. I liked it a lot. It had a sour taste that made me drink more of this coffee.
The third one was Macchiato, Salvador coffee which is a dark roast with milk and you can see the foam. It was different.
The last one was the Columbian Latte, this was my personal favourite. It is with milk and cold brew. The mildest of all and it had a single shot of that coffee brew as we were full just by sipping in the coffee shots.
Mr Krittivas gave an interesting session on the coffee roast, brew and various aspects of coffee which was a valuable addition to my knowledge. Loved the session.
The place is located next to the Deer Park and you could enjoy their small comfy interiors and ambience with great music and coffee.

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