Stuck At Home? Stay In And Stay Tuned For An Awesome LBB Home Update


    Like all of you, we were caught off-guard when our Prime Minister announced the 21 day lockdown as a response to COVID19. As a business built on discovery of independent brands and businesses - both online and offline - our first reaction was, “Oh, s**t…” 

    We’ve got over 100,000 retail brands recommended on LBB. Keeping us aside for a second, what were they supposed to do if their business and operations were put to a halt? What would happen to them? And as a repercussion of that, what would happen to us?! Once the initial “what just happened” reaction subsided, our teams got to work to re-think what LBB ‘At Home’ looks like. 

    And every day over the next few weeks, you’ll see exactly what we’ve got in store for you! 

    Get ready for AWESOME: 

    > Giveaways from your and our favourite independent brands

    > Virtual tours of homes and workstations from our user community to give you #inspo

    > Recipes from our community and expert chefs behind your go-to cafes and restaurants

    > Art & craft workshops by pros

    > Save and wishlist your favourite products on LBB Shop 

    > We’re also launching *new* categories on LBB Shop; get ready to shop snacks, home decor, beauty products post #lockdown 

    > LBB Quarantunes: We know you can’t go to your favourite bar.. So we’re bringing it home to you (well, kinda!) Log in to LBB for live gigs 

    > There’s also fitness videos from your go-to neighbourhood gyms and yoga teachers, favourite influencers and cocktail recipe videos coming up… don’t try both at the same time! 

    Local businesses and brands need all the support they can get during these trying times! Watch their content, buy their gift cards, give them a shout-out in our Instagram #WeGotYou challenge. 

    So please do stay home, stay safe; and let’s all do our bit to flatten the COVID19 curve in India. 

    In the meanwhile, log on to LBB, learn a new skill, try a new activity, and continue discovering awesome. 


    Suchita, Dhruv & all of LBB