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    Aahana: An Eco-Friendly Resort With The Promise Of Luxury

    Navni posted on 06 April


    The gorgeous Aahana Resort is an eco-friendly luxury property ensconced in Jim Corbett National Park. A real treat for those looking for an indulgent holiday, the resort is also known for its conservation and local-friendly practices.

    The Space

    Aahana has 10 Victorian-style residential blocks, which house 46 living units, giving the area the feel of a private, luxurious community. The rooms range from regular to two-bedroom suites to four-bedroom villas. They also have a small kids area complete with a colourful tunnel slide and a trampoline.

    The spacious rooms are warm and welcoming, each having a private balcony overlooking the forest. It isn’t unusual to wake up to monkeys peeping into your bedroom {might want to draw the curtains at night if you’re looking for privacy} or cows grazing outside your villa. Rest assured, you won’t end up as dinner for tigers. They’ve followed all safety measures; they even lock the main parallel gates after it gets dark. The middle space then serves as a wildlife trail.

    Much To Do

    Apart from safaris and bird watching sessions, you can also chill at their picturesque pool {with an in-built Jacuzzi} or indulge in a quick game of table tennis, pool, badminton, chess or carom.

    If you’re the golfing type, ask the resort peeps to hook up a game at Raj Golf Course {Nainital}. You can also take a buggy ride or explore the area on bike. We strongly recommend a visit to the spa at least once during your stay here. The masseuses are well-trained in Ayurvedic techniques and know fully well how to knead all that stress and anxiety out of your body.

    Luxurious, Yet Responsible

    While Aahana Resort is definitely a luxury stay, they pride themselves on being an eco-resort. The resort has one of the biggest sewage treatment plants in the country! 100 per cent of their water is recycled, and mostly used for agricultural purposes. They’ve planted around 4,000 trees {the land was previously barren} and grow a lot of vegetables and lettuce. Kids are welcome to choose their own vegetables.

    When it comes to food, there is close to no wastage. If they have eggs leftover from breakfast, they make egg curry for lunch, idlis are converted into a fried idli salad etc. And if all else fails, the staff is more than happy to consume the food.

    Plus, they also have their resident cows who provide you with thick, healthy, fresh milk every morning.

    What we truly admire them for is their staff- instead of poaching hotel management staff from across the country, they made an effort to hire locals and train them.

    What Else?

    Considering they’re built right in the middle of a jungle, the number of bugs is minimal. This can be attributed to the citronella and lemongrass they’ve planted throughout. We’d still suggest carrying insect repellent though.

    Overall, Aahana is great for a mini vacation, both for the romantic couple and for large families. You get a breather away from city life and never run out of things to do here.

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    Aahana Resort

    Location Details

    P.O. Semalkhaliya, Ramnagar, Distt. Nainital, Sawaldeh, Uttarakhand

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