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Still Haven’t Registered For Pinkathon? Do It NOW

Rene posted on 30 August

What Is It?

Pinkathon is India’s biggest women’s run that encourages them to take their health in their own hands, and lead the process of change where women don’t put themselves last on their priority list. The race has become a movement of sorts with 66,000 women across eight Indian cities who came out to spread awareness about breast cancer last year.

The Delhi leg has been scheduled for Sept 4 this year and if you still haven’t registered, you can do so by the end of day here.

Who Is It For?

Women who are fit as a fiddle because the 3k, 5k and 10k versions aren’t for the faint-hearted. This said, those who want to show solidarity towards the cause shouldn’t hold back either – success doesn’t lie in the finish line as much as in the run itself.

Why Should I Go For This?

300816_Pinkathon3We’re assuming that there’s at least once been a time when you’ve felt so strongly about women’s issues but have done nothing about it. Well, now’s the time to undo that by chasing a common goal with fellow feminists.

Apart from the possibility of bringing light to someone else’s life {the money raised will be shared with a host of NGOs}, you will be basking in a community-feeling with women you’d otherwise never meet.

Eco-warriors {Pinkathon adopts eco-friendly practices} and Milind Soman fans should also start taking their gym sessions more seriously – no racing without training.

Anything Else?

Participants will have to assemble at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at 5.30am on the race day. The registration fee is INR 650 for individual entries. Timing chips will be available for INR 250 and participants can take home Pinkathon T-shirts for INR 100.

Shoe-time folks!

Photos source: Pinkathon