Stock Up Your Liquor Collection With This American Bourbon Whiskey

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    What Makes It Awesome

    We all know that there was a time when people in India used to drink only their preferred liquor brand and as the legacy passed on from one generation to another, people continued sticking to that particular brand. However, drinking scenes have almost changed completely nowadays, people love to experiment with their drinks, especially whiskey lovers. American Bourbon Whiskeys are trending and are the second favourite in India after classic Scotch. And it's really not hidden from anyone that Indian palate and food options compliment this taste very well. So, being a Bourbon Whiskey lover, when I heard about a brand called Michter's which claims to be on the second most trending Bourbon Whiskey, I decided to try it right away. I took this beauty to one of my bartender friends and he decided to make a cocktail - Barbary Coast. A rich and viscous Barbary Coast, piqued with chilli infused rhubarb, makes for a distinguished change to a Manhattan. The spiciness in the cocktail brilliantly balances the fruity notes of Michter's Bourbon. It is equally good in the most classic way – with water, soda or on the rocks, it absolutely completes your day and was definitely a good choice. Of course, when you are enjoying something so rare like this, the experience is incomplete without knowing the story behind it. Michter`s, the premium bourbon brand claims a heritage that dates back to 1753, earned the respect of the whiskey industry and a fan base that’s eager to snap up whatever it puts out, especially its aged whiskeys. The family-owned company’s motto “cost be damned”, ensures that the limited edition {no more than 20 casks} is produced after employing detailed processes. Within just six months of its launch, the whiskey has become immensely popular and has been greatly accepted by Indian whiskey drinkers. It is also advised to choose the right food to go with your whiskey, the right combination can help you relish the flavours of both the food and the drink. You must have heard about the classic combination of wine and cheese but surprise, surprise - whiskey and cheese make for an amazing combination. Other dishes that go really well with an American bourbon are pork chops, chicken wings, Murg Malai kebabs, and other Indian dishes. Some people love to pair their whiskey with desserts, if you are one of them, then you can try this with walnut pie.  Now the question is, where can you taste this beauty because you can't stack it up in your collection without trying it first. Well, it's being served at over 100 high-end hotels, bars, and restaurants including Hyatt Regency, J W Marriott Hotel, The Lodhi, The Taj Mahal, The Oberoi, Taj Rambagh Palace, and Umaid Bhawan Palace to name a few. So next time you're planning to stock up your collection with something good, don't think much. Just rush up to one of these places that serve Michter's and get one of these American delicacies.

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