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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of fresh juice with a dash of masala. If you favour spicy and zesty flavours over super sugary, fizzy drinks then you're in for a treat. Storia is a food and beverages brand that has one of the zingiest street-style beverages you can find in the market. 

Tried and tested by one of our crew members, Storia's Masala juices are nothing short of a celebration on our palettes. These come in a bunch of vibrant flavours - Pineapple Masala, Green Mango Masala, Pomegranate Masala, Tomato Pepper, Pani Puri (say what!), Watermelon Masala, Mosambi Masala and Guava Chili. These drinks pack a punch and taste exactly of the fruits mentioned on the bottles, as opposed to many of their counterparts. Sourced from natural ingredients these are also free of any artificial flavours and colours. Folks who prefer to have their breakfast with a glass of healthy milkshakes, these guys also have some amazing fruity shakes in eight different flavours. Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Badam, Coffee, Kesar shake and more. These tiny 180 ml bottles are easy to carry and don't demand a lot of space. Apart from this, you can also shop for Storia's sugar-free Coconut Water and trans-fat-free beverage powder which is a substitute for milk. 

Storia Foods currently retails online through Amazon, Big Basket, Grofers and also available at local grocery stores. Their assorted pack of six shakes costs INR 146 and that of the masala drinks are priced at INR 150. Pretty economical, if you ask us.


You can now place your orders directly with them by clicking on 'Enquire Now'. Don't forget to check out their website's awesome Cookbook section which has some really easy-to-make recipes.


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