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We Got Strawberry Pedicures & Chocolate Manicures And Oh. My. God.

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I bit the bullet and got an at-home beauty service, and whaddya know? I fell in love with the fruity ice cream products they used, and the service I was offered.

Fruity Fundas

I used MyGlamm, since I’d heard that they were using delicious Me! Bath products, and was not disappointed. They arrived on time, set everything up within 10 minutes {all I had to do was point them to some hot water} and we were good to go.

I chose the strawberry pedicure and the chocolate manicure {skipped the lavender}, and was excited even before the Me! Bath products were unpackaged — they smell delicious.

The sweetest part? If you’re getting a chocolate manicure, you also get a small chocolate candle and a sachet of chocolate green tea alongside. Ditto for the strawberry.

The Process

First they throw in a ball of what they call Ice Cream, which fizzes in the water. Then they use Sherbet, the scrub that exfoliates & moisturises, then a 10-minute mask and finally, Body Icing, which hydrates your skin.

It’s worth noting here that the entire process {manicure and pedicure} took about two and a half hours from start to finish. Also worth noting: there was a fly that just wouldn’t quit trying to sit on the strawberry body icing {cream}; that’s how awesome it smells.

So, We're Saying

The next time you’re in the mood to pamper yourself a little bit {this isn’t as cheap as a regular mani-pedi}, but also want to sit at home, just pick up your phone.

Price: INR 1,200 {manicure}; INR 1,400 {pedicure}