Momos, Kathi Rolls, Chaat - Street Food in Alaknanda

    We’re all familiar with CR Park and its offering of street food. But a slightly less known area is its sister neighbourhood, Alaknanda, which in addition to its many colonies named after rivers {Godavari, Ganga, Kaveri} also boasts of some great eats at super low prices. Here’s what you can expect in and around Alaknanda Main Market. If you’re taking the metro, get off at Kalkaji and take a rick.

    Chandra Sweets

    Aloo puri, paneer pakore, samosas, jalebis and of course a plethora of mithai, Chandra Sweets has it all. There’s even a provision for gol gappas and aloo tikki right outside the shop, which is often frequented by the younger crowds.

    Where: Main Alaknanda Market

    Contact: 011 26027384

    Price: Starting at INR 30 for a plate of gol gappas

    Madhu Van


    Alaknanda, Delhi

    We don’t know if the pun was intended, but Madhuvan is a Chinese van boasting special chowmein, chopsuey, momos and soups.

    Where: Opposite Godavari Apartments, Gate 1

    Contact: 011 26034342

    Price: INR 150 for two

    Drums of Heaven Xpress

    Drums of Heaven Xpress

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi

    Serving an array of Chinese and Thai delights, Drums of Heaven Xpress is a takeaway place located at the gate of Nilgiri Apartments. Although you’re safe ordering pretty much anything off the menu from the soups to the chicken wings, the Thai Red Curry in particular is a universal favourite.

    Where: 7, Nilgiri Shopping Complex

    Contact: 011 40519575

    Price: INR 900 for two people

    Baker’s Shoppee

    After you’ve had your fill of spicy, the Baker’s Shoppee can seem quite inviting with its pastries. Nothing fancy here though, you’ll get the regular pineapple pastry done up in a mountain of cream. They also keep dosa and idli batter if you fancy a South Indian home-cooked meal.

    Contact: +91 9312265507

    Price: Starting at INR 40 per pastry

    Dosa Inc

    This South Indian food truck can be spotted around Alaknanda on weekends. Expect dishes from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh including dosa, idli, appam and a mean Mysore Masala Dosa. 

    There’s also a line of nameless stalls towards the back of the market, including a momo guy next to Planet Mobiles, who is known for his paneer momos, which sell at INR 40 for 10 momos, a fresh fruit juice stall, and a coffee {made in the machines one used to find at weddings in the old days} cum banta stall, and a pakora stall preparing moong dal pakoras by the dozen, under a sun umbrella.