Hit This Gurgaon Street For Chic Furniture At Bargain Prices

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're moving to Gurgaon or are looking to give your home a makeover, these street marts near Guru Dronacharya metro station should be your pit stop for furniture that ranges from funky to functional. The best part? You can bargain.

These street side stores are best for storage options. From book shelves to racks and even curios, they’ve got it all. Best bargains have got to be the dining table and garden sets, which sway from vintage to modern. They have wine racks and mini bars which are perfect for condos in the city, they don’t take a lot of space but hold a lot of booze.

Choose from bamboo, cane and mango wood, but if you look hard enough you could score yourself a teak piece—even if it’s reused, these guys have in-house carpenters to fix stuff up and they do it rather well. We loved the cane swing chairs – they come in colours too – the faux antiques, but also check out the bamboo gazebo set which is awesome if you have a lawn or better still, a farmhouse.

What Could Be Better

Delhi folks might need to go on a bit of a drive if they're looking to treat themselves to these cool marts.

Pro Tip

Don't forget to spend some time and look around. When there are so many options, there's no point in settling for the first thing you lay your eyes on – there's always something better and affordable around the corner.