Studio Objectry For Hexagonal Planters & Well Crafted Wood Products

What Makes It Awesome

Studio Objectry makes hella cool products with wood as their medium of choice. I've browsed through their website a bunch of times, been tempted to pick up a bunch of things that I know I don't really need, and abandoned my cart for exactly that reason {sorry, Studio Objectry}. For better or for worse, setting up a new house throws all rationality out the window. The next thing you know, a part of your salary is going towards buying things that you could totally do without, but are just cool to have. In those occasions, Studio Objectry comes handy. I recently picked up these really cool wooden, hexagonal planters in two sizes and {also pictured} side lamps that come with Edison bulbs. My planters - hoping to god they don't die like the others I've bought- are currently perched cosily on a Nappa Dori tray as an accent on our dining table, and those beautiful bare bulb lights are seated on our bedside tables.

What Could Be Better?

I found them to be a little expensive for what I was getting. That said, they are one of a kind product.

What's My Pro Tip?

They run sales and discounts really often so keep an eye out for those.