Studio Wood's Mocha Loveseat Is The Coolest Couch You'll Own

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What Makes It Awesome

Studio Wood makes cool furniture. I use the word cool {as generic as it may sound} because their furniture isn't classic or retro or 80s inspired stuff or one of those boxes I usually allocate towards furniture designers/companies {with my very limited knowledge of what these said boxes ought to be}. They take cool fabrics, cool materials, work on {apparently} original and cool designs, and what you get is cool furniture that stands out from the usual stuff found in places like MG road or online.

I've been eyeing this mocha loveseat/couch for two for a while, and moving into a new house gave me a reason to finally get my hands on this. The detailing is hella - wait for it - cool. I love the wooden buttons added as details, the colour of the leatherette used, reminiscent of a milky hot chocolate. Though it takes them six weeks to deliver furniture that isn't in stock {this one was made to order}, I was lucky to get mine in about two weeks. They also deliver to your doorstep!

What's My Pro Tip?

Check out their website here - { } - they haven't added new collections in a while. But a bunch of their furniture is really different and interesting. They also do customised furniture - though, I haven't tried this service yet. I also found them to be really affordable for original designed, good quality furniture.