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Suffering From PCOD Or Back Aches? Heal Your Body At Cyber Hub’s New Yoga Studio

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Say goodbye to dingy basements, yoga trainers with iffy qualifications and the belief that yoga is just a fad – an uber cool yoga studio has opened up in Cyber Hub and they’re on a mission to reaffirm  that yoga is spiffy, yoga heals and yoga is the best way to tackle lifestyle conditions.

Find What Works For You

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just chill, yoga is the way to go and, at Karma Spark, they elevate its status further to a lifestyle switch that will heal you. With spacious rooms in an expansive studio, highly-trained and certified instructors, provisions like in-house showers and super flexible timings, this studio works hard to eliminate all your excuses.

Conveniently located at Cyber Hub where most of Gurgaon’s most stressed souls toil at unearthly hours, this is the answer to all the woes that come with a stressful lifestyle.

Super Big, Super Specialised

At Karma Spark, they understand that every individual is unique and has unique requirements, which is why the yoga sessions here target lifestyle disorders. Choose from sessions designed to combat orthopaedic conditions, cardiac, respiratory, diabetes, to pre-natal, detox and even fertility-related conditions {PCOD and other hormonal imbalances).They also have special classes for kids, seniors and differently-abled children.

With this level of expertise, we suggest you combine your sessions with Yog Nidra, Pranic meditation and mantra-chanting for a wholesome, holistic yoga experience.

So, We're Saying...

Whether you’re dealing with back aches or high blood sugar, perhaps it’s time to give age-old practices a chance – not to substitute medication but to assist it!