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Under The Banyan Tree On A Full Moon Night, 1AQ

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Under The Banyan Tree On A Full Moon Night, 1AQ

What's Happening

Under The Banyan Tree On A Full Moon Night (yes, that’s the name of the night concert!), is an attempt at recreating a musical evening from the past. Part nostalgic, part intimate and a refreshing take on a music gig, this one will be celebrating the magic and music of the oldest city in the world, Varanasi. 

You’ll be listening to the experimental tunes by the Kumar Sarang, who is a santoor player and a disciple of Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya (who was a disciple of Pandit Ravishankar). Sarang will be accompanied by his father, Lalit Kumar, who is a tabla maestro. The line up also includes Padmashree Malini Awasthi, who has been working towards preserving the rich and cultural music of India. She specialises in various styles such as thumri, ritu geet, chaiti, sufiyaana kalaam, and various other traditional forms.

How's The Venue

The concert's happening at 1AQ amidst all that greenery, and the stage is actually set under a banyan tree.


₹1500 upwards