Check Out This Shark Tank India Brand For Their Lipsticks To Sheet Masks

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're super indecisive when it comes to makeup and more options = better, I'm with you. Sugar Cosmetics has the biggest range of products I've seen, not just in terms of the shades they offer, but also the type of products, lipsticks to eyeshadows to face masks. Lipsticks aren't simply divided into liquid and bullet lipsticks, there's lip gloss, lip crayon, matte liquid, satin, creme, and I'm not even done but you get my point. 

I gave their Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick a shot not only for the colour range but also, I loved the rhyming names. There's 52 options from nudes to reds to deep purples, I got the Rose Repose, a nude, peachy pink tone which worked as a good everyday shade for me. It was a little dry but not more than regular liquid lipsticks but it did last through a big meal. The Matte As Hell Lip Crayons are far more comfortable and named after female figures and the Literature student in me instantly chose Scarlett O'Hara which was, obvs, a red. If matte lipsticks aren't your thing, you should give their lip glosses a shot which aren't smudge proof but at least they're much more hydrating. 

I also got a Jelly Highlighter like the Farsali one that was all over Instagram but at a much more affordable price. It was fun to use, a little gimmicky and kind of hard to blend in seamlessly. I haven't personally tried the foundation but women on our team recommended the Serum Foundation over the Foundation Stick (easier to blend, smoother) but the shade range isn't very inclusive and at times when companies have 40 shades, I expect better. 

I did really like the affordable nail paints that come in a lot of shades and finishes and don't chip in 2 days. I love the animals on the sheet masks and got the Clarifying Sheet Mask with a swan on it. Pretty hydrating but not extraordinary, IMO. 

If you're much more serious about your makeup game, check out their eyeshadow palettes or the eyeliners. Pretty good for winging it. Special mention for the packaging that seems Benefit-inspired with pop culture references!

Price: Lipsticks start at INR 250

What Could Be Better

I've already said it but they definitely need a better shade range for the foundations. 5 light to medium shades and 2 kind of dark ones aren't enough.


Go for their handy value sets where you can pair a matte liquid lipstick with a kajal, or even their gift boxes which make for great presents.