Sugar Loft’s Desserts Are Just What We Need For Our Sweet Cravings

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What Makes It Awesome

A lot of us have picked up baking as a new hobby during lockdown but some of us decided to leave it to the professionals. While experimenting with desserts is fun, you know ordering from a baker will never disappoint (you know, like the time you added salt instead of sugar?) Kishneet Sethi, AKA Sugar Loft, is a home baker based in Safdarjung who’s delivering yummy desserts that you can order online and she’s also making sure the sweet treats are prepared and delivered safely! 

On her menu, she’s got tons of options to choose from, whether you love your desserts sweet or subtly sugared. We tried the Chocolate Nougat Cake which we had to fight over the last slice for, and also the Chocolate Overload Brownies that were gooey and we warmed them up to eat with ice-cream and we were ready to enter a chocolate coma. We also recommend the Tiramisu Cake with rum that was boozy heaven. In case you’re a no-frills person, you can order the Tea Cakes which come in flavours ranging from Banana Walnut to Blueberry Lemon.

If you’re ordering for a special occasion, make sure you order a day in advance so it reaches you in time! She’ll also give you some gluten-free or refined sugar-free options! Whatever you order, you’re in for some seriously good desserts! It also really helps that the cakes are super pretty to look at and definitely 'gram-worthy.

Price: Tea cakes start at INR 600/500g while cakes are INR 1,600/kg


These guys do the most gorgeous floral and fondant cakes in case you've got someone's birthday coming up who you'd like to give a delicious sweet treat to.