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Summer House Cafe: Revitalising Aurobindo Market One Drink at a Time

Aditya posted on 24 March


Proudly perched right at the edge of Aurobindo Market, by the main road, is Summer House Cafe. Head there for cocktails, live music and food.

The First

There was a time when we visited Aurobindo Market solely for Midlands Bookshop, Wimpy’s and the toy store. That time was before Summer House Cafe. Started by the same owners of its fraternal twin Bandstand, and long before, Summer House can be credited with making Aurobindo cool again.

No longer do you have to head down the trafficky Hauz Khas Village road to find live music, strong cocktails and a rooftop to hang out at.

The Space

Summer House has a lovely rooftop, with low sofa-like seats, high wooden chairs, and wooden benches, surrounding the glowing Absolut bar {made out of the shell of a minibus}. This is the perfect spot to come have a drink post work or chill midday on a weekend. On gig nights it is packed with smokers, and people looking to get air, and has its own small sound system and in-house DJ.

The first, and main, floor of Summer House has a slender outdoor balcony with a few tables. The interiors have a long bar, an assortment of seating and a stage set up for live music. You’re likely to find live gigs, events, talks and comedy shows taking place through the week. If you don’t see an event on Facebook, call ahead and find out what’s up.

The Food

We’ve regularly munched on the Southern Fried Chicken Strips, the Jalapeno Cheese Fingers and the decadent chilli fries. Summer House Cafe really lends itself to bar snacks, {drinks being the primary focus}. As such we rarely get onto the other items on the menu.

However we have previously enjoyed the crunchy Caesar Salad, the hummus and pita, and the Chef’s Special platters. Their pizzas are thin crust and delicious. Personally we enjoy the Rocket and Feta pizza and the Double Bacon Double Cheese pizza.

There are also pastas, BBQ grills, sandwiches, burgers, Cuban pressed sandwiches, hotdogs, wraps and desserts. Not to mention juices, smoothies, lemonades and milk shakes.

The Drinks

On a packed night getting a drink from the bar can be tough so we tend to stick to beer, and doubles of our favourite alcohol. However, on a lighter day, when we have time to stop and smell the sangria, we order a few specific drinks.

Our regular picks include items off the Signature Cocktail list. Choose a base drink {mojito, martini, margarita, etc} and a syrup flavour and you are good to go. Tasty choices include the Watermelon Star Anise Mojito, the Apple Rosemary Whiskey Sour and the Kiwi Cinnamon Mojito.

Summer House Cafe was the first bar-cafe to break free from the HKV way of doing things and thrive. The ambience is the winner here, making it a great spot for meeting up, live gigs and post-work drinks.

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