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Summer Music Festivals in India That You Need to Check Out

Editors posted on 30 March

By Editors

The summer months bring heat that is too much to handle, but we're of the firm belief that a good distraction is really all you need. And what better distraction than a few days of losing yourself in music? As they say, the rhythm is going to get you - you may as well succumb. Here are our top picks.

Parvati Peaking

Named after the goddess, this music festival features international trance djs fused with Hindustani classical music as well.

When: 29th May

Where: Himachal Pradesh

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Kasauli Rhythm & Blues

Head here to experience some of the best homegrown R&B musicians in India. Organized by the Genesis foundation, you're looking at experiencing some great bands over a long weekend {no need to miss work!} while all proceeds go toward the treatment of critically ill children. Look out for The Supersonics.

When: 3rd Apr- 5th Apr

Where: Shivalik Hills, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

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Himalayan_Music Festival

Himalayan Music Festival

Last year, this blues festival got everything just right - the music, the food and an interesting collection of people, and they should be back soon. Can we just say, a festival nestled in the Himalayan hills? We're so there.

When: May {date TBA}

Where: Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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Universal Religion

Universal Religion will host all the subgenres of Psychedelic, with styles ranging from Full On, Goa Trance, Progressive, Forest, High Tech and Dark.

When: 24th Apr - 27th Apr

Where: Mumbai, Cochin, Bangalore and outside Kathmandu, Nepal

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Indrasan Festival

While this may seem like another trance music festival, Indrasan also features environmental causes and initiatives taking place through Himachal. Musical acts include James Monro, Huda G, Karan Third Eye Bhoj, and much more!

When: 25th May - 27th May

Where: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

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MTV Indies and Pepsi are about to take over Mumbai for all you indie music fans! The festival is going to include a day-long cultural takeover of Mehboob Studios, Bandra, featuring film screenings, stand-up acts and music with the Grammy-nominated electronica producer Pretty Lights as the headlining act.

When: 1st Apr - 4th Apr

Where: Mumbai

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Escape Music Festival

Nature and music are all-consuming, in the best way. Escape combines the serenity of the former with a wide range of musicians for all musical tastes. It's the perfect soul-food, we promise. Bookmark this one.

When: TBA

Where: Lake Resort, Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

The Big Gig Summer

This is a two day festival, and involves a  lot of fun activities, like a Chakkar Heritage Walk in Landour on the first day. There's also a Handicraft Bazaar, a mobile cinema screening and a local bike rally. The second days features the likes of Ragleela, The Urban Earlymen, Woodstock School Jazz band and Jordan Johnson, to name a few. Exciting stuff.

When: 2nd May- 3rd May

Where: Highlands, Rokeby Manor, Landour, Mussoorie