#SummerOf70s What Would You Bring Back From The 70s? Tell Us To Win A Fantastic Read

What Is It?

If twists and turns but mostly importantly, LOVE is your ball game, One Upon A Curfew by Srishti Chaudhary is the book for that needs to be in your reading shelf. If you love bell-bottoms and love Rajesh Khanna movies, tell us what 70’s obsession, would you would want this to bring back from the 70’s to get this book.

Set in the 70’s, Once Upon A Curfew is a women-centric romance where the protagonist, Indu is helping with literacy among woman and also dealing with a love crisis in her personal life. When Emergency is declared in India, Indu is faced with the toughest decision of choosing who she wants end up with in life. We have you hooked right? Just answer a few questions and you can eligible to win this gripping but easy read. 

Who Is It For?

If you’re a 90’s kid that loves everything from the 70’s or 80’s, you need to participate in this contest to win this book. You would be transported to that era with this dreamy story!

Awesome, How Do I Participate?

Click on the Register button and answer a few questions! Make sure you give your creative best to the answers to get Once Upon A Curfew in your bookshelf. Good luck!