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Heading To Bangalore Sometime? Chill, Read & Sip Coconut Water At Hebbal Lake

Lipton posted on 20 April


Bangalore-based Instagram influencer, Nalini is all about food and travel. A passionate foodista, {in her words} she spends her days cooking, styling and eating food. Travelling is her second love and she’s a sucker for beautiful sunsets. For sunsets, she gets her daily dose from her neighbourhood lake in Bangalore.

It’s All About The Waiting

Summers for her are all about waiting for the rains. While she is at it, she gorges on mangoes, sips on refreshing naariyal paani and enjoys the sights of Hebbal Lake in the evening. When stuck in the city and not planning a vacation, she loves hanging out at the lake. With the wind in your hair, pretty birds to look at and an amazing view, you cannot ask for anything more. Her perfect evening also includes a good book and some food to indulge in on the banks of the lake.

Can’t Imagine Summers Without…

Staying hydrated this season is the foremost priority. Water does the job but isn’t flavoursome enough to keep going back to. So, Nalini always opts for iceD teas. It is never high in sugar and is all natural which makes it a perfect drink. Her go-to drink is the peach variant of Lipton Ice Tea. She loves the touch of fruit and the refreshing taste. Currently, she is on the lookout for some amazing summer eats, any suggestions?

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