Looking For Places To Chill In The Summers, Here Are A Few Options

Lipton posted on 24 April


Famously known as Bangalore Epicure, Naveen is a food lover with a passion to explore food, enjoy food, and celebrate food. Here, he shares his secret hangout spots in summers, from his Little Black Book.

The Summer Hate

For this guy, summer will always be defined in one word…HOT. He abhors the weather because he does not get to relish spicy food {that he loves the most}. But he does not deny that this season brings a wide variety of cool beverages that he loves. They help him stay hydrated against this draining heat. He eats street food all throughout the year but in the summers he is partial towards gulkand with ice cream, a deadly yet satisfying combo.

Go-To Summer Spots

There are a few places this season that you will be able to catch him. Chetty’s Corner for Cool Drinks Masala or Go Native, Yogisthan and his favourite Swensen’s. His walk around the city to find awesome leaves him a little parched. But you will never find him without a bottle of Lipton Ice Tea this summer. He is all about hydration and this tea does just that.
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