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Food Blogger, Avani Gangar Lets Us In On 5 Of Her Favourite Summer Destinations

Lipton posted on 20 April

Say Hi

Avani Gangar is a food blogger from Mumbai. She is an avid reader and writer who loves to travel. Her constant hunt for good food obviously meant that she needed to workout even more. No one can say no to cheese pizzas, right? So, here’s her long list of summer travel plans that she intends on checking off her list.

The Ideal Vacay

For Avani, this season is all about new adventures with afternoons spent indoors sipping on refreshing drinks and eating mangoes. And now that the season has begun, she already has her travel picks ready.

Her solo trip to New York has made it easier to plan the next five spots. Her list includes Greece, London, Budapest, Japan & Alaska in no particular order. It is not about beaches or mountains for her, it is all about meeting different people and witnessing different cultures.

Summer Daze

Summers in Bombae are not the greatest. The weather is humid and that invariably means dehydration. To combat this, she makes sure that she never steps out without her sunscreen and a bottle of Lipton Ice Tea in her bag. Colas and their high sugar content are so unhealthy and icy cold water {though tempting} is a sureshot way to a sore throat. This is why, she prefers all natural, less sugar ice teas, especially the Lipton Lemon. It’s what keeps her going.
You can follow Avani’s travels on her Instagram account right here for some #FOMO.