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These Food & Wardrobe Hacks From The February Boy Will Help You Power Through Summer

Lipton posted on 24 April


If you thought that there aren’t many menswear bloggers to follow then you clearly don’t know about Shakti. Known for his blog, The February Boy, he is all about suave, sexy and refreshing. Read his recommendations on summer fashion and food.

Summer Fashion Notion

For Shakti, summers are all about happiness, sunshine and keeping it cool. That is why his go-to ensemble for this season is a polo shirt with tapered fit pants and cool sneakers. You will always find canvas sneaker, short sleeve shirt, sunglasses, summer scent, & flat front shorts {his five essentials} on him. But he stays away from clothes with thick fabrics, ones that don’t fit well or are too tight. No sweaty messes for him, no sir.

The COOL Mantra

Working out is horrible but Shakti keeps his stamina up in summers with CrossFit. He does not deprive himself of good things instead, he eats everything in moderation. Everything aside, he has to stay hydrated at all times and that is why he carries juices or bottles of Lipton Ice Tea. The refreshing drinks help with the heat and also, are healthier than aerated drinks you get outside.
He is all about style, attitude and good pictures, you should follow him on Instagram.