For the all-you-can-eaters and indecisive orderers alike—lucky for you, chefs now spare no ingredient, cuisine, dish or cocktail when curating a brunch menu. Because three square meals a day aren’t always enough, we present our guide to the best brunches in Gurgaon.

56 Ristorante Italiano

Image courtesy: Zomato

Image courtesy: Zomato

The sunny atrium at ground level is just right for when you want to feel all al-fresco. On Sundays, 56 Ristorante Italiano lays out a buffet with soups, starters, fresh bread and antipasti.

When it comes to the mains, you get to pick from a choice of pizza or pasta from the a la carte menu, and from an array of desserts that follow. Sounds good to us!

#LBBTip: An additional INR 50 gets you a  glass of wine, a mocktail or a cold beer.

Price: INR 795 without drinks {plus taxes}


Our little Habitat Centre lookalike shows a serious commitment to breakfast. The brunch deal includes fresh juices and morning baked goodies from their in-house bakery along with platters of cheese and cold cuts. The live counters deftly dish out your choice of pancakes, waffles, pastas, omelettes and parathas {because, to be fair, that’s an inescapable North Indian breakfast staple}.

You’ll have to pay a little bit more for unlimited beer, but then again, that’s what we call giving an inch for a mile.

Price: INR 900 for buffet; INR 1,050 for buffet and unlimited red wine, white wine or sangria {plus taxes}

Medium WellDone

Image courtesy: MediumWellDone

Image courtesy: MediumWellDone

It’s the best of both worlds—an unlimited food buffet, but brought straight to your table from the kitchen. So you don’t have to worry about the food going cold sitting out on trays without even lifting a finger {spoiled? Who us?}. The chicken and fish grills is what we could do more and more of here, although the spread of salads, soups, mains and desserts is pretty great too.

Price: INR 899 for buffet spread without alcohol; INR 1,199 for an IMFL inclusive buffet; INR 1,499 for wine, IMFL and a sumptuous meal {inclusive of taxes}

Threesixtyone At The Oberoi, Gurgaon

When Threesixtyone at The Oberoi, Gurgaon says it offers a world cuisine buffet, they genuinely mean it. A big reason to treat yourself to this brunch event is the fact that they offer ten types of Champagne {the proper kind} and sparkling wines, along with any other drink of your choice. Now that’s a Sunday well spent indeed.

Price: INR 3,450 without alcohol; INR 4,950 for their champagne brunch {plus taxes}

Soi 7

Image courtesy: Soi7

Image courtesy: Soi7

The fact that people carefully watch the buffet cloches so they can quickly snap up fresh replenishment of the Pan-Asian buffet is a testament to the quality of their food. We suggest making unlimited visits to the dumpling corner, and heaps of their green garlicky sauce to go with it. Pair your meal with your favourite beer, freshly brewed for a happy Sunday brunch combination.

Price: INR 695 for buffet; INR 995 for 2 pints of beer or two IMFL-drinks; INR 1,195 for an upgrade to premium alcohol {plus taxes}

Asia Alive At Doubletree By Hilton

This Asian specialty restaurant becomes even more special on Sundays with a mighty display of pan-Asian food. The dessert corner turns into a sushi counter for the day, continuously churning out pure Japanese goodness. Worry not, though, they still have the desserts, and in fact, their actually moved to a bigger and more important space; they believe that Sunday desserts should be a big, big deal. The one to watch out for is the Teppanyaki Ice Cream.

Price: INR 2,000 for buffet with unlimited IMFL drinks {plus taxes}

7 Degrees Brauhaus

Image courtesy: Zomato

Image courtesy: Zomato

We’re back to our favourite German microbrewery, this time for their Sunday brunch. With an array of German sausages and specialties, alongside Continental mains and North Indian dishes, don’t look for cuisine cohesiveness, but enjoy the variety instead!

Their lager is probably our favourite to wash it all down with, and if you’re lucky enough to get a seat by the window, you can sit back with your drink and watch from afar as the rest of Gurgaon drives by.

Price: INR 1,099 for buffet; INR 1,399 for the add-on of unlimited beer; INR 1,799 for the trio of beer, IMFL and the buffet spread {inclusive of taxes}

Café G At Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon

Now this is one brunch you’ll find difficult to say no to, especially from now until the end of summer when they combine your favourite Sunday meal with two hours of access to the pool. Of all the food counters, the seafood one looks the most promising, with crabs, mussels and prawns, and of course, sushi. Or you could try some of their grills. Hmm…decisions, decisions.

Price: INR 2,350 without alcohol; INR 3,200 for free-flowing champagne, wine, beer or cocktails {plus taxes}

Featured image courtesy: Pixabay