Sushi Lovers, There’s A Brand New Japanese Restaurant For You To Check Out

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Ebisu is all shades of caramel and pristine, with simple, elegantly presented and authentic Japanese food that includes a massive selection of sushi and sashimi.

Let's Roll

Classic wooden frames, sliding doors and shoji screens make it evident that you’re in a Japanese restaurant. The quick bites at Ebisu comprise an incredible Maguro Natto, raw tuna with fermented soybeans, prepared with fresh and high quality fish and seafood. Skip the Edamame and go straight for the sushi; get the Moriawase or the combination platter of Sashimi which includes tuna, salmon, sea bass, mackerel and octopus. In the mood for sushi? We suggest you get the Ika {squid} and the Unagi {eel}, they’re superbly fresh and perfectly formed. If you’d like to experiment, go for the Maki rolls – Teriyaki Chicken, Prawn Tempura or the Salmon Furai Maki. In fact, Ebisu has one of the largest sushi and sashmi menus in the city!

Udon Worry, Be Happy

Save space for mains, there are a few very unique dishes here. For instane, the Mongolian bar-be-que, the Lamb Genghis Khan Nabe, the Soy Milk Hot Pot {grilled meats and vegetables served on a hooba leaf}. For a more familiar meal, their Karaage {deep fried chicken} Ebi Furai {deep fried prawns} and vegetable tempura are great starters. For the main course, you could try the Simmered Pork Belly with a side of Soba Noodles or steamed rice or you could have a heavier meal of Ton Katsu {crumb-fried pork steaks}and Curry Udon which are wheat noodles with curry-based soup, topped with boiled pork.

So, We're Saying...

Ebisu is as authentic as it gets and shines for its use of original techniques and flavours and fresh produce; the restaurant is set to open by the end of the mont.

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