How To Curb Your Carbon Footprint In 2020

It's about time we start caring fully about the effects of our lifestyle on the planet, and we, at LBB, understand that it can get a little confusing to find the best way to do so. If you're often wondering what products you should swap and what you should start/stop doing, then we're here with a list of things you can invest in to help you live a more mindful and sustainable life. Read on.. 

Buy Sustainable Clothes

Although, it seems like this is as simple as just buying slow fashion apparel, it's not. The root intention of buying sustainable clothing has to do with investing in long lasting pieces, which means buying more mindfully, and basically buying less as well (leading to less consumption). So, we suggest you slowly start investing in labels like Doodlage, Little Things or Korra. All of these can cost you under or around 5K. 

PS: If you have old clothes lying around the house you can donate them to Goonj, an organisation that works on upcycling old clothing to make sanitary napkins for women. 

Swap Your Straws

There are too many people around us who encourage and advocate against single use plastics, so this shouldn't be hard to do. Just let the influence set in! Small things like buying metal or bamboo straws, or investing in glass, metal or silicone lunch boxes make a huge difference. We definitely recommend silicone lunch boxes that are collapsible and hence, way easier to carry around (you can easily get them online for less than 1K). 

Find the link to a good set of metal straws below.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Household cleaning items are underestimated to a great degree, in terms of how much they contribute to pollution, or the toxicity that is killing our eco-system. But, bad cleaning supplies can be poisonous to wildlife, and pollute drinking water. So, it's definitely a factor to consider improving. You can head to Qtrove for better options for detergents that clean household surfaces. You can get these sort of items for under INR 500.  

Shop Local

Shopping local benefits the local economy, and also decreases the cycle of consumption. It benefits local artists, businesses and keeps a lifestyle more authentic. It also promotes local agriculture, when it comes to shopping local and seasonal food produce.

So, in case you're looking for stunning dresses or winter wear, find them easily on LBB shop (only for about INR 1,500). You can also head to these organic farmer's markets to shop local food.

Choose Conscious Self Care

There are many brands out there that are making conscious choices when it comes to production and distribution of their products. For instance, you can now return your used containers to The Body Shop and they will take them back to be recycled and reused. This is definitely a great way to reduce harmful effects of consumption! Other than this, there are a couple of local bath and body as well as beauty brands that do cruelty free and vegan products.

You can check out brands like The Hade, Fae Beauty, Sublime Life, Forrest Essentials, Bare Necessities, Sugar Cosmetics, and Soap works India. 

Invest In Urban Farming

This seems like a daunting task. We get it. But the benefit of living in most cities in India is that you have access to a chhat. There are so, so many YouTube videos on how to utilize the space on terraces properly to grow your own veggies! But, in case you're just warming up to the idea, there are agricultural companies that let you rent farm space to grow your own produce and then have it delivered to your home as well! One such organisation is Edible Routes

Setting up your own garden can cost you under INR 10K while getting a space at an Edible Routes farm can cost you INR 3-6K per month.

Use Low Energy Technology

This is probably the most obvious one, and the most effective change to make. It doesn't take too much to do your homework before investing in a household appliance, and looking up which ones are the most energy efficient. Even doing the simplest of things like changing the bulbs and lights in your home or office to more efficient ones, can make the biggest difference! 

A basic energy efficient bulb can cost around INR 200. 


Go Zero Waste & Start Composting

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a plant mom/dad, we suggest you go ahead and invest in composting as well. It's a great way to upcycle your left over food items. All you've to do is find a good spot in your home where you can set up your composting kit! In fact, you should check out this cool website called Trust Basket, it sells everything from gardening kits, to composting bins. 

At Trust Basket, you can get a composting kit for about INR 1,700.

Decrease Your Meat & Dairy Consumption

This might seem like a very painful task for all you meat and dairy lovers. But, by now, we all know how much waste production occurs during the processing of both these products. Or how much water, and fuel consumption happens while meat is processed. So, we suggest you start off with one or two meatless days in the week (or even vegan, if you feel up for it), and bring a small change in your lifestyle for the greater good.

Take Public Transport

The best way to reduce fuel emissions is to use public transport. So, instead of driving to work, maybe you can take a bus or the metro. You can also try pooling with a couple of your co-workers that live in the same area. We also think, Shuttl is a great app and transport service to avail. Other little things you can do is maybe always take an Uber pool, rather than Go. 

You can ride a Shuttl bus for approximately INR 80 per trip.