Svasti: IGNCA’s Shop For Jharokhas, Postcards & Rare DVDs

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Svasti is a well-stocked one-stop-shop for your fill of souvenirs and rare documentaries at remarkably reasonable prices.

Documenting Ditties

While Svasti has an extensive range of souvenirs, their most exclusive offering is the range of IGNCA DVDs. Their collection of rare movies and productions on the intangible heritage of India is exhaustive. You can find documentaries on subjects ranging from tribal dance to oral traditions of the Vedas; from festivals to biographies of classical exponents – all for INR 150.

Besides this, they have the usual HHEC {Handicrafts and Handlooms Exports Corporation of India Limited} fare of trinkets and collectibles. Our favourite finds were the brass locks embossed with Hindu gods and goddesses {sure to keep evil intrusions away, we’re told} and brass Digambara representations of a siddha, shown as an empty space, for the spiritually inclined.

An Hourglass Figure

Brass pipes, pocket watches, magnifying glasses and sand hourglasses are available for those who like a touch of the old-school around their spaces. We also loved the delicate salt and pepper shakers from Puducherry in animal shapes.

The cane furniture, corner tables inlaid with art, quaint furnishings and hangings like wooden jharokhas and station clocks are all very reasonably priced. Even if you don’t have space in your house, you’ll be tempted to switch your existing thingamajigs for these Indian handmade goods.

Tie-ing Us Down

Whether you’re looking for ties or stoles to gift, cloth bags or jute totes for yourself, paintings for your home or knick-knacks for your office, stationery or simply postcards to send to friends and family, you must stop by Svasti. The range of Indian handicrafts, handlooms, antiques, leather decoratives, gems and jewellery, wrought iron handicrafts is truly great, and the quality is excellent.

Go ahead, give the open-air haats and the Janpath shops a skip for genuine goods from artisans and weavers.


Watch out for the IGNCA corner where you have magic mugs, coasters and mouse pads featuring IGNCA art and rare book covers.