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We Found A Hand Sanitizer That Doesn't Feel Sticky And Smell Too Strong!

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What Makes It Awesome

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Svish On-The-Go is a lifestyle brand that has come up with the first-ever no gas hand sanitiser spray. Yes, we're saying our hands won't feel sticky (and icky too, urgh) each time we sanitize our hands. 

We've spent the entirety of 2020 and now 2021 at home, in our PJs, disinfecting and sanitizing anything that enters our homes. Sure, we kept a tiny bottle of sanitiser in our travel pouches and handbags but we didn't have the faintest idea that we'd have to use it this often while stepping out. While this may have helped us keep You-Know-Who at bay, it has most certainly wrecked our skin by making it dry. Well, not anymore. 

Svish's pocket-sized, no-gas hand sanitiser spray has more than 70% alcohol. But what's truly great about these handy sprays is that they moisturise the skin (as opposed to leaving them sticky and dry) and smell amazing. These are available in five fragrances - orange peel, aqua, citrus, lemon and pine haze. Apart from this, you can also shop for their biodegradable gadget-disinfectant wet wipes which are made of viscose fibre. Oh, and they're skin-friendly too! 

Offering a respite from gel-based sanitisers and harmful sprays, Svish is definitely worth a try. 

Price: The hand sprays are priced at INR 149 and the disinfectant wipes at INR 199. 


It's best to get Svish's multipurpose kit which contains two hand sanitisers, two anti-germ sprays and two disinfectant wipes - all for INR 849. Oh, and you can shop for it right here on LBB!