This Is Nacho Regular Fast Food Joint: Taco Bell

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Whether you enjoy hard shell or soft shell tacos, or quesadillas are your thing, Taco Bell has some something to offer for everyone. This place is worth a try when you’re bored of your regular fast food joints.

Chow Down

Chipotle Chicken Chalupa, Chipotle Burrito

Sip On

Aerated Drinks, Juice {there isn’t much to try here}

Winning For

The efficient service, and the gracious filling in the burritos.


The joint does not offer much in terms of ambience. It is, like any other fast food joint, made from the same concept of basic seating, a generic playlist and some play with lights. The only plus here is the impressive looking stations that the restaurant has.

Something To Taco Bout

Unlike what you’d expect from it {considering it is after all a fast food chain}, the food does not disappoint too much. Service does not take much time here, and that is always a plus. We tried a thing or two from every section and liked the Chipotle Chicken Chalupa and Chipotle Burrito. The Indian offerings are good, but not something we’d recommend. Fillings vary from time to time, so don’t hold yourself back in telling the servers to fill your taco well.

Another downside of the place is that it does not have much to offer in the beverage section.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you’re bored of burgers and pizzas, and feel like eating something different for a change, try this out. If Mexican flavours aren’t your thing, the staff is always helpful, and will recommend things that suit your taste.

Contact: +91 8527057545

Price: INR 500 for two

Timings: 11am – 11pm