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This New Cafe Has 33 Kinds Of Coffee & Lets Artists Exhibit Their Work For Free

Ten-Second Takeaway

The Bad Habit Art And Cafe is a lovely, little place we found that does artisanal coffee, showcases stunning artwork and is easily one of the nicest spaces we’ve come across in Gurgaon.

Coffee, Meet Art

The Bad Habit is a cafe that’s quiet and rustic where you can actually hear yourself think, and grab a peaceful moment alone. They’ve got music playing softly, the in-house coffee master, Rajeev is an absolute whiz at what he does with his secret blends (we tried to guess what he put in our amazing cold coffee, and failed miserably). Their coffee menu is incredible, with nine bespoke brewing methods and 33 coffees from 11 different countries. They really know their brews and if you’re someone who appreciates a good cup of artisanal coffee, they won’t disappoint. They’ve got some quick bites on the menu, like croissants and bagels, and you should definitely pair your coffee with the almond biscotti – you’ll thank us for that suggestion later.

They’re currently exhibiting some beautiful art work, which makes each corner in this cafe pretty as a picture – you’ll find yourself wishing you could capture it all for your Instagram feed. What we especially loved about this cafe is their aim to make art more accessible to the general public, and less elitist. They let artists exhibit absolutely free of cost, rotating art work every fortnight. Artists, photographers, doodlers – any kind of creativity is welcome here. If you’re interested in letting them sell your artwork, they take responsibility for the transaction and delivery it for you.

We love how this is such a free space for both artists and art lovers. They’re even starting a library and a writer’s space soon, and if you donate a book to them, you get a cuppa free!

So, We're Saying...

If you find yourself craving some good coffee and art in Gurgaon, you know where to go. It’s a must-visit for budding artists who are keen on exhibiting their work.

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