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Don't Feel Like Sleeping? Head To These Spots For A Midnight Coffee Date

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The city’s asleep and you’re in need of a hot cuppa coffee to keep you going through the night. Sound familiar? We’ve scoured around for cafes which remain open post or till midnight. Just follow the aroma of the coffee beans and head to these snug corners of the city.

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Perch offers a wide spectrum of single-origin specialty coffees from Kenya, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Uganda and more. Their Vietnamese brew deserves a special mention. Don’t leave without trying their Coffee Sangria - the first of its kind in the city. 

Price: INR 120 onwards 

Café 24

For a classy experience in the middle of the night, Cafe 24 doesn’t disappoint. Take a seat amidst all the paintings and order a cappuccino. If you’re looking for some eats, you’re spoilt for choice: Indian curries, Italian pastas, organic salads, home-made ice cream and cake.

Price: INR 120 onwards 

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road’s an old favourite of ours. It always manages to brighten up the most dreary of nights with its yellow sunshine-y ambience. A cup of coffee here will set you back by INR 325. Sip on the caffeine and breathe in some cheer.

Price: INR 325 onwards 

Mocha Arthouse

We’ve all been here for their affordable booze and shisha. Little-known fact: They’re open till 1am. Choose from their outdoor or indoor area and indulge in a hot cuppa. They also have a bunch of gourmet coffees like the Monsoon Malabar Arabica, Mysore Nuggets, Nilgiri Coffee and more starting at INR 120. 

Price: INR 70 onwards 


A cafe that does pretty awesome coffees and pizzas, they use Kaffa Cerrado beans to brew their coffee into all the regulars like cappuccinos and lattes, but they also have specialty flavours like cinnamon honey, roasted almond and a seriously loaded mocha. 

PS: Don't be shy to ask for latte art, they'll try their best to make something cute for you (and your Instagram story.)

Price: INR 130 onwards


Now this is more like it. Blooms at Eros Hotel does you one better and infuses their coffees (and teas) with alcohol. Excited? Try their Opt for Obsession (milk coffee with Jack Daniels), Dark Continental (americano with Baileys) or the African Mocha (espresso with Baileys and melted chocolate)

Price: INR 345 onwards 

Too Mikkii Tapas

Everyone knows the Taj CCD but Too Mikkii Tapas, right adjacent to it often goes ignored. We recommend stepping in, the next time you’re in the area. Order a tall glass of homestyle cold coffee or a hot cuppa if it’s a chilly evening and just enjoy the fairy-lit outdoors. They have a range of snacks to choose from; we love their garlic-y mashed potatoes.

Price: INR 120 onwards 


If you're around Vasant Kunj you simply cannot miss this cozy cafe always smelling of flavorsome pizzas! And you know what's really awesome about this place, you can take your dogs there. Just head there with your pets for some great food with a nice cup of coffee and trust us, you won't regret it.

Price: INR 150 onwards 

Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh Coffee & Co.

What started as a small place in Rajouri Garden a few years back, this place is now one of the most visited coffee places in Delhi with multiple outlets. Head here for some delicious cups of coffee and get rid of those midnight blues. 

Price: INR 105 onwards 

Capital Kitchen - Taj Palace

Fancy an extravagant visit at midnight? Capital Kitchen by Taj is a beautiful restaurant that's open all day long. Situated in the Diplomatic Enclaves of the city, you can visit this place for an amazing Taj House Blend Espresso.

Price: INR 450 onwards 

Shop On LBB


icon-placeAvailable Online

Here's a coffee shop that's open 24/7 and you don't even need to put on real clothes to go there. From the easiest drip bags to coffee beans if you're serious about your brew, Shop On LBB has got a ton of cool brands right here like the ever-popular Sleepy Owl and Rage Coffee but also local brands waiting to be discovered by you like Toffee Coffee Roasters

Price: INR 100 upwards


If you've made it through the list, we can tell you're true caffeine lovers; check out some coffees and coffee-inspired merch you'll love to keep or gift to a fellow coffee drinker.