Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh Has The Spiciest Burger Ever & Great Coffee To Wash It Down With

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What Makes It Awesome

Sardar Ji Buksh is that quintessential desi coffee spot we’ve always wanted. They serve delicious java, the best peri peri fries, a burger that’ll set your mouth on fire, and so much more!

Let’s just go right ahead and say you can’t go wrong ordering anything here. We tried a bunch of stuff, and everything was legitimately delightful. Our top picks, though? The peri peri fries (which are the perfect amount of spicy), the Pangebaaz burger (that’s got one of the hottest sauces ever—we actually sweat while we were eating it), and the Pesto-Cito chicken sandwich. As for the beverages, their classic Iced Latte is absolutely delicious, and the Oreo Berry shake is all things refreshing. Don’t forget to try their Oreo Lava—it’s the kind of decadent dessert sweet dreams are made of. They’ve got a lot more options on the menu—hot coffee, frappe, a nitro coffee made with nitrogen (wow?) and iced tea.

And while we can't visit their aesthetic outlet with wooden chairs and potted plants, we sure can order some amazing cups of coffee from them. Our favourite one would be the Rocky Road Mocha or the Indo Turkish Retro Coffee. Not only do they have plenty of coffees, but they also serve some teas like Oriental Green Tea, Mint Green Tea, Berry Burst Tisane and more. 


Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, they're following safe delivery practices and are conducting regular temperature checks in their kitchens.