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Take A Weekend Off At Corbett Riverside Resort

Shobhna posted on 7th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

For a an uninterrupted view of the river, plenty of recreational activities and a wide, green open expanse, the aptly-named, pet-friendly Corbett Riverside Resort is your spot.

Did You Say Pet-Friendly?

Yup, we sure did! It’s dog friendly- not in the manner of facilities, but that your dog is allowed to stay. The kitchen will even make meals upon request for your li’l pooch {like khichdi and rotis}, and he can work that off running around in the green lawns.

Going without your pet? There’s still plenty to do: There’s a stable full of horses to ride, a swimming pool, and a games room that houses a pool table- but all you really want to do here is sit in your hammock, gaze at the cliffs and read a good book.

Room & Board

You can tell the food caters to a Delhi crowd, with a set buffet meal. However, variety exists in the form of Indian, Indo-Chinese, and Indian-Italian. 

There’s no room service and because it’s in forest area, there are laws in place that deny alcohol permits, but you’re welcome to carry your own alcohol.

The better {read larger} rooms are in Tiger’s Den, where there’s a shared kitchen and a ‘private pool’ that faces the open green area. There’s satellite TV, but are you really going there to watch TV? We recommend you climb down to walk along a pebbly shorefront and splash your feet in the Kosi river.

Keep In Mind

Prior to your stay, book your safari at least a week in advance. The Jim Corbett Park only allows a certain number of safari vehicles into the reserve on any given day, and that permit needs to be acquired beforehand. There’s also an adventure park nearby where you can go slacklining and rock-climbing.

If you’re planning a longer stay or want to get out of the resort, you can even take your own car into Seetabani {a safari area within Jim Corbett}—but we suggest enlisting a safari car just to be on the safe side.

Swings along the riverfront, hammocks, bonfires and a 1km long private riverbank? Get yourselves there.

Price: Depends on the room

Photos: Radhika Agarwal/LBB

Corbett Riverside Resort