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Treat Time! If You’re A Good Pet Parent, You’ll Take Your Doggo To This Beer & Buffet Scene

    What Is It?

    The good folks behind biggest pet carnival of our times, Pet Fed, are organising a Delhi Puppers Party for puppies and puppy parents on July 16. It’s an indoor party and you get a beer while the pup gets a buffet! What’s not to like?

    Who Is It For?

    Everyone who likes a fun day surrounded by fur balls and fellow doggie lovers. Also, beer guzzlers and those keen on planning a non-typical Sunday out.

    Why Should I Go For It?

    For once, we’re glad it’s not out in the lawn that might get too hot or rainy for our fluff balls. Plus, your pet gets to eat so much at that buffet with boiled eggs, rice, mashed potatoes and a treat that the organisers won’t tell us about {because surprises are the best, right?}.

    If seeing your pup jump and eat or the opportunity for cuddling so many doggies doesn’t sound convincing enough {OMG, stop being so cold}, there’s beer.

    Anything Else?

    Go polish those nails and groom those paws… If you miss this, the burden of woof will be entirely on you.

    The tickets cost INR 250 and are fast running out. Buy yours here.

    Follow the event updates on this Facebook page.

    When: July 16 

    Where: Cafe Southall

    Timings: 12-3pm