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Take Your Regular Showers To Next Level With These Aromatherapy Shower Filters!


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    AromaTherapy Shower Filter

    Taking a shower is always refreshing, but how can you take it to the next level? By making your water cleaner and healthier and then infusing natural essential oils! I recently discovered this amazing product by WaterScience India that promises to eliminate chlorine and conditions hardness from water and offer the benefits of natural essential oils!

    As having great hair and perfect skin is a definitive dream for us all, this item truly raises something promising which is very not the same as the ordinary creams or hair serums that we in any case use in our every day lives. This product vows to treat our water bringing about a decrease in hair fall, ensures skin and scents awesome.

    WaterScience has its new Aroma Therapy range with a refillable aromatherapy pad infused with natural essential oils. Every day can be a SPA day with aromatherapy shower filter.

    Talking about the packaging, the product came in a very impressive two layer packaging. It also had a customised note from the CEO addressing the product with warm compliments. Inside the box there is one four-layer shower filter which can fit to your bathroom shower, then it consists of the Aroma shower pads with essential oils consisting of 10 pads in a cute little box. They've also given an installation kit to make our work easy. Must say the company has actually put many efforts in preparing the packaging.

    Their aromatherapy shower filters range is first-of-its-kind in India and priced at an affordable Rs 3,295. This product also ensures water saving of 70 per cent in mist mode and there are four other modes — waterfall mode, pulse mode and massage mode as well as the option to add aroma pods.

    I had a great time enjoying the product.

    So don't hold back to long grab yours as well!

      Featured Products

      AromaTherapy Shower Filter