So Many Options! Check Out The Stylish, Vegan Bags By Tangerine Handcrafts


    What Makes It Awesome

    Tangerine Handcrafts has a huge collection of bags which is quite charming even if it leaves us spoiled for choice (it's like we opened up pandora’s box of all things pretty) Every single piece is gorgeous.

    With ample duffels, mini duffels, slings, satchels, totes and laptop bags on offer, they’ve got variety, design and quality, all packed in one. I’m crushing especially on the tan, leather-looking satchels with ikat details. They're spacious, and perfectly suited for office goers who like to carry their work essentials and half their life belongings at all times (no judgement, I'm one of them too). There are some cute ones too like the ruffled, flirty slings, or mini duffels which are apt company for casual dates. Also, everything’s vegan, which is awesome for the 'I-don't-use-leather' gang.

    Price: INR 600 onwards

    What Could Be Better

    There’s nothing much that I have to say in this regard, except that I wished they had a brick-and-mortar store as well.