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Healthy Eating Killing The Joy Out Of Life? Hold Up, We’ve Got Some News!

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What makes it awesome?

We’ve been on the lookout for new healthy products, given all those pizzas and burgers we hogged on during the lockdown have had some repercussions on our waistline (#RIPSkinnyJeans)! So, when we came across Habbit Health’s products, especially their 40 calorie ice-creams (!), protein shakes and super shakes, we were pumped to give their products a shot. 

Let’s start by setting context. Ice Cream is everyone’s favourite summer food! And while we have had protein shakes in the past a. the brands we tried didn’t taste great, b. Whey proteins get a bad rap for causing digestive issues, and c. whey related acne is a thing. 

Happy to report that Habbit Health’s products are... a super pleasant surprise. We tried their whey proteins and pea proteins (for those who are plant based/ vegan) in the flavours Cafe Latte, Strawberry Feels and Double Chocolate, and totally loved it. First off, they come in single serve sachets, which is rather helpful because it’s convenient to store, travel with and of course for portion control . One of us also experimented with the protein powders and made pancakes using them, which tasted delish. In a nutshell, double thumbs up to Habbit’s Grade A proteins, especially for folks looking to increase their protein intake and for those who work out regularly. 

Habbit also has a Super Shake, in 2 flavours of Double Chocolate and Vanilla,’ that has all your essential vitamins, fiber, omega and protein - all you gotta do is add some water or milk shake it up, and you’re good to go. 

Proteins are cool, but have you tried 40 calorie ice-creams?

Say hello to Habbit Wise Creams. Healthy and ice-cream don’t usually go hand in hand; but we’re big fans of what Habbit has created with Wise Creams. They’re nice and creamy, come in an array of flavors including Salted Caramel, and a decadent Double Chocolate. We bought their variety pack of 6, which comes with a portion of each of their flavours- their Vintage Vanilla and Double Chocolate definitely hit it out of the park. 

While 2021 seems to be as unpredictable as last year, we’re pretty sure Habbit will have a permanent spot in our pantry and fridge as we get back to our healthy habits. PS: they’ve got the coolest Tumbler as well- try getting your hands on that! 

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